Your prize will be well preserved at the Maritime Race Weekend!

Anyone registering for the Tartan Twosome before Friday, July 13th will automatically be entered into a draw for a trio of tastiness – someone will win Pat’s Preserves blueberry jam, hot pepper jelly and pickled beets! YUM!

Age group races at the Maritime Race Weekend will get an extra dose of Maritime comfort food thanks to the generous support of Pat’s Preserves. The well known, Eastern Passage-based jam company has agreed to supply the winners of all age groups with a jar of locally made blueberry jelly so that they can savour a taste of the Maritimes long after the race is over.

Pat purchases the ingredients for all his products in season directly from local farmers. A long-time cook in the armed forces, he began selling his homemade preserves as a “pre-retirement” hobby. As word spread, Pat’s Preserves quickly turned into a business, with products showcased at Liscombe Lodge, Obladee Wine Bar, Murphy’s on the Water, and Local Joe Cafe. Pat’s Preserves also enjoys a loyal following at the Halifax Seaport Market.

For those of you that are from “away,” jam and jelly rank almost as high on the list of Maritime favourites as beer. Maritime Race Weekend is overjoyed to announce this partnership with Pat’s Preserves: not only does it showcase a local business, but it allows the race to highlight one more element that makes the Maritimes unique.

We have tartan, we have beer, we have music, and we have jam – what more could you ask for?! Register now so you can join the party!