Who wins at Maritime Race Weekend? Our community!


Published in: The Beacon
Written by: Michelle Kempton (Cow Bay Resident, Event Organizer & Runner)

The 2nd largest running event on the East Coast is returning to Eastern Passage & Cow Bay for its third year. Why is this good for us? Many reasons. First and foremost, Maritime Race Weekend is a not-for-profit group that donates proceeds directly into Eastern Passage! Fisherman’s Cove, Oceanview Continuing Care Centre, The Beacon and Seaside FM, all receive generous donations from the success of this event. That’s why we are the winners! Plus, the focus of the marathon is to celebrate everything awesome about living on the East Coast and our community was chosen to showcase this for Nova Scotia! Also, the event encourages and motivates everyone to get more active – we have runners of all ages, from young children to over 80 years of age participating in this event!

For anyone not familiar with this marathon, on September 12 & 13 – our community will host 4,000 participants in the Eastern Passage & Cow Bay marathon called Maritime Race Weekend. Participants run or walk 5K, 10K, Half Marathon or Marathon distances around our community. I organize the marathon with the help of over 300 volunteers. As a resident of Cow Bay, our community and my neighbours are a priority and I want YOU to be involved!

There are many ways that you can participate in Maritime Race Weekend. Register as a participant (run or walk), or you can volunteer and of course there is always the option to bring a lawn-chair and enjoy the spectacular sight of watching thousands of pirates running our streets! Make signs, bring noise makers and of course children are encouraged cheer too!

Almost 20% of the race participants are from outside of Nova Scotia and many are runners and walkers visiting Fisherman’s Cove for the first time. The economic impact and tourist exposure Maritime Race Weekend brings to our community is huge! This race is for both our guests travelling to our community and also the residents!

For the last two years, feedback from the participants has been consistent – they think our community is completely beautiful and the residents coming out to encourage them along the race route make this marathon an amazing experience! Please mark the marathon date of September 12 & 13 in your calendar and join the fun.

To learn more:
Cell: 902-877-9355
Web: www.maritimeraceweekend.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/maritime.race.weekend
Twitter: www.twitter.com/maritimeraces