The "voice" is back for Maritime Race Weekend

The “voice” returns. American Idol? Adele? No, we’re referring to Mark Stein, better known as “the voice of Nova Scotia running”

Maritime Race Weekend pleased to announce that Stein will once again lend his announcing talent and has ability to whip up crowd excitement at Maritime Race Weekend.

Stein is well known for his race announcing throughout the Maritimes and for charging up runners at the start and then bringing them home to the finish chute with enthusiasm and encouragement.

Maritime Race Weekend is committed to offering the best race experience to its runners. That includes cheering crowds at the start and finish, professional announcing on a top quality sound system, personalized congratulations when you cross the finish, and the best race medals on the East Coast.

As runners ourselves, we know how hard you’ve trained for race day, what it feels like to compete and how important the day is to you. Maritime Race Weekend  wants to ensure your event is more than just a race; it’s a celebration!