Thank you Running Room!

With our biggest event of the year selling out faster than we had ever thought possible, we’d like to take this moment to thank Running Room once more for the support they show both us and of course runners from across the country too.

Followers of Maritime Race Weekend must be well aware by now that we are pretty darn grateful for our largest sponsor, the Running Room.  In addition to supporting and promoting our series of races, they donate tons of prizes for contests, take care of our online registration, and recently even opened up their stores to us so we could host social runs to help build a strong running community and introduce running partners for Maritime Race Weekend participants.

In addition to that, Running Room also encourages their running clinics and run clubs to join our East Coast celebration at Maritime Race Weekend. Over 40 people from Moncton’s Running Room are travelling to participate in the Maritime Race Weekend. They are driving over two hours to help support our race in its inaugural year – a race that we know will be amazing, but is as of yet unproven. If that isn’t support we don’t know what is!

Moncton’s Running Room run club are excited about their road-trip to Maritime Race Weekend!

Running Room is considered “homebase” to so many runners and walkers, probably because it’s filled with friendly, supportive people and a great place to meet friends!

Running Room and Maritime Race Weekend have the same vision about making running accessible to everyone and including walkers too! Both companies are working towards building an inclusive community – where everyone is welcome to join regardless of distance or pace.

In every city where there is a Running Room store, the store’s free run club serves as a place where runners of all abilities can find kindred spirits and a sense of community. Travelling for business across the country and need company for your run? Look for the local Running Room and you are sure to find someone to keep you company on the road. Need guidance when training for a goal? The Running Room‘s clinics will give you the tools to get there.  Looking for a running partner?  Running Room‘s free run club on Wednesday and Sunday is a great place to find your “sole” mate!