Sticking with it

 Melissa Sutherland

Published in: Weekly News
Written by: Joanne Oostveen

Melissa Sutherland had never even thought of running.

“I always looked at runners on cold or rainy days while I drove by and thought, they are crazy people. Little did I know that one day I would be one of those crazy people.”

After making a New Year’s Eve resolution in 2009, after one too many drinks, Sutherland made a promise she had to keep.

“I said I would run a half marathon in 2010. I joined a learn-to-run clinic five months after my first child was born. Now THAT was crazy.”

But it didn’t come easy.

Sutherland sustained two injuries and did have her share of doubts. But, by the time she crossed the finish line and completed her first half marathon in May 2010, she said it all made some sort of sense.

“It was such an exhilarating experience I decided to dedicate it to my daughter. It was about her.”

Shortly after that, Sutherland, who lives in Hubley, found out she was pregnant again.

“Our son was born in March 2011 and I really struggled to get back into running.”

Sutherland did all she could to ensure she had the proper training to do another half marathon.

“I even left home and ran in the city during the winter. They don’t salt out here,” she said.

This half was harder than the first. She was ready to give up at the 3K mark, but thoughts of her family kept her going.

And just like the first time, this medal was dedicated to her child.

“And running is free, you can go anytime and it makes you feel happy.”

After engraving two half marathon medals to her children, Matheson’s 2 1/2 year old daughter, Alexis asked her an important question.

“Mommy, you get a medal for daddy?”

That was enough for Sutherland to enroll in yet another race.

“After hearing of the Maritime Race Weekend I signed up for my biggest undertaken yet, a full marathon. So on Sept. 15, 2012 I will run 42.2 kilometers,” said Sutherland.

And when she crosses the finish line Sutherland will have another medal to engrave.

“I will dedicate that medal to the person who makes it all possible for me to get out and run despite our busy life. My husband. A medal for daddy.”

To learn how to register for Maritime Race Weekend go to . The Weekly News is a proud sponsor of Maritime Race Weekend.