Say cheese

The most humbling thing about a large race is not the talent that surrounds you or the hundreds of people you see meeting their goal… it’s the race photos that are revealed the day after!

Feeling a little smug about your performance? Once glance at your images and you have an instant reality check! Line up a string of some runner’s “finish line faces” and the Halifax Zombie walk will look away in horror!

All this being said, these same photos are the first thing most runners look for when the race is over. When your medal is hung on the wall and post-race glow has faded, race photos transport you back to the moment. Look at them and you will instantly remember the good times you had, the how great you felt, and why you can’t wait to do it all over again.

For this reason, Maritime Race Weekend is extremely happy to announce that they will be partnering with Marathon Photo to ensure the good, the bad and the awesomeness that make up every race day will be captured for all at the Maritime Race Weekend.

Put your best game face on and remember to smile!