Rum Cake, it’s the new bagel!

We eat bagels everyday, no question they are great warm, toasted with cream cheese and a fabulous pre-run fuel source – but after a big event we want eat something moist and delicious – a treat to celebrate that we trained hard and just finished a race!

Plain, untoasted bagels are boring – but you know what is awesome? Rum Cake!!!  In following the pirate theme, we are going to eat like pirates and rum cake is what they eat! We’ll be serving Rum Runner’s original rum cake after at Maritime Race Weekend.   A golden pound cake topped with glorious pecans, coconut and infused with rich, sweet rum. During prohibition, the Stevens family rum cake recipe was illegal, but now this delicious concoction is free at the finish line and you can enjoy a piece without the risk of incarceration (but watch out for our pirates – they might try to steal it from you).

Maritime Race Weekend has promised runners that their race series will be different than any other. Partnering with locally owned and operated, Rum Runners Rum Cake Factory is just another example of race director, Michelle Kempton coming up with unique ideas that runners will enjoy and making the event a memorable experience for both participants and spectators!

Rum Runners Rum Cake Factory is located on the Halifax Boardwalk at Bishop’s Landing – rum cake is an uncommon gift and we plan to be giving rum cakes away as prizes too! The Rum Runners cakes are made with real rum bottled at beautiful Glenora Distilleries on Cape Breton Island, making it a truly Nova Scotian product (and is free of preservatives too)!

Enjoy a “Delicious Piece of Nova Scotia History” at Maritime Race Weekend – afterall this race is all about celebrating everything East Coast!