Rock and run

Band members John Lam (from left), Normand d’Eon, Kelly Pitre, Neil Tramble and Norm Hill.

Published in: Weekly News
Written by: Joanne Oostveen
Photo by: Gail Kanasevich

What started out as a joke, evolved momentarily into Stinky Sneakers and finally decided upon Sunday Run?

The answer is surprising, even to those involved.

“We were out for a run last November and we started talking about forming a band,”said runner Kelly Pitre. “Norm Hill says, I am a bassist. Neil Tramble was offered up as a drummer, John Lam is a guitarist and lead vocals and so is Normand. We looked at one another and said, well that IS a band. Let’s do it.”

Pitre does admit she may have exaggerated her own talents.

“I told them I could sing,” she said. “My credentials didn’t check out. Singing lead vocals turned out to be a long way from drunken karaoke.”

And so a band was born one Sunday morning. And it didn’t turn out to be Stinky Sneakers.

“The name Sunday Run had a nice ring to it,” says Normand d’Eon.

Each member has played in a band before, except for Pitre.

“I was scared to death before our first practice,” she said.

Their first real gig was at a party for their Heart and Sole Running Club.

“It was invigorating and amazing,” said drummer Neil Tramble.

Bassist Norm Hill says no one else wanted to play drums, anyway.

“And besides, Neil lets us practice in his basement every Monday night and his wife Lisa is totally supportive of our music,” he said.

Pitre’s job is to keep everyone in their place.

“I am the only woman here and they do listen to me.”

Hill is a lawyer for the provincial government. He says this group has become very tight in both music and running.

“We have an energy that comes from running together.”

Normand d’Eon has earned the title of “the living jukebox.” In his day job he is IT Manager for Environment Canada.

“Everyone sings in the shower,” he said. “This band has gone way beyond my expectations, though.”

Sunday Run played for 1,500 women at the Sole Sisters race in June. And they passed around the hat at one of their concerts at Cabin Coffee.

“We raised about $350 for Margaret’s House,” said Tramble.

The group is interested in doing more charity events.

If anyone is interested in contacting the band about having them play for charity, email The group are participating in the Maritime Race Weekend on Sept. 14 and 15 in Eastern Passage. The Weekly News is a proud sponsor of Maritime Race Weekend.