Speed pass for Tartan Twosome

Registered for the Tartan Twosome? If not, we’ve got another reason why you should. If the amazing finisher’s medals (you will have enough bling to make an 80’s rapper jealous!), the limited edition pirate buff, and the fact that you get TWO fantastic tech race shirts isn’t enough, you will now get a special “speed pass” through race-kit pickup!

Because you’ve registered for the Tartan Twosome in advance (hint hint) there will be a line up devoted especially for you. You will be able to get your kit for both races in one easy stop and get back to resting your soon-to-be-tired legs for the big days ahead. That’s not all though! As a reward for showing double the support for our race (and for being super hard-core) we will have some special surprise swag on hand just for you. Although we are keeping it under wraps until race day, rest assured it will be something awesome!

Want to get in on the fun? Don’t wait too long – there are fewer than 12 Tartan Twosome spots left. 

Register today so you won’t be disappointed tomorrow!