Pirates and treasures amid the route!

Ahoy! The Pirates of Halifax will come ashore. With promise of treasures, food and ale, Maritime Race Weekend have lured pirates to cast anchor in Eastern Passage.

Runners, keep a firm grip on your race kit – it’s filled with treasures but these pirates will pillage any scallywag they find. The crew of characters from the Pirates of Halifax will ensure that you have an authentic pirate race experience!

Captain Hector Barbossa has discovered the treasure map, the motherless landlubber copied the race route and sold it to some other black hearted captains (Jack Sparrow, Edward Teague and Davy Jones). Now all 4 are in a race to find the treasure first but the sea leg pirates have little chance, because runners want the loot too!

It be true me hearties, there is more treasures at the Maritime Race Weekend than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.

Race registration goes on sale next month! Sign-up at Maritime Race Weekend to receive early bird registration access and the chance to win prizes!