Perspiration is for ladies; sweating is for kick-butt girls

Who wants to be a Sweaty Girl? You know you do!

Running and Sweaty Girl Athletic Wear goes together like… well, ice cream and chocolate sprinkles.

Sweaty Girl is the latest sponsor of the Maritime Race Weekend in September.

Sweaty Girl creates clothing that is functional, girly, flattering and a little bit saucy. Locally owned, Sweaty Girl uses real women for models, and offers high-quality T-shirts and bags.

Sweaty Girl‘s cutom-made shirts are soft, designed long enough so they won’t ride up while you work out, and made with the belief that fashion doesn’t have to be sacrificed for function.

“From 20 years of competing in, and coaching, sports such as dragon boat, canoeing and kayaking, running and soccer, I walked away from many athletic events wishing there was something designed for me and all the other Sweaty Girl,” says company owner, Sabrena Mackenzie.

“Well, now there is. If you want to look and feel great while you kick butt, then you’re a Sweaty Girl too.”

Like Maritime Race Weekend, Sweaty Girl encourages girls to stay in sport during their teenage years and continues to empower them as women in sport later in life.