Partnership based on community development

Maritime Race Weekend wants to contribute to strengthening the local running community. One way of achieving this priority is to introduce and celebrate the stories of runners who offer us inspiration, have an interesting journey or show true courage.

Maritime Race Weekend has partnered with the Weekly News to showcase amazing people who run locally. Each week the community paper will feature a runner or group of runners in the “Inspired Steps” column. The stories are written by local marathoner, Joanne Oostveen. The people featured are interesting and hopefully will encourage others to run, become inspired, overcome battles and forge ahead!

The Weekly News is a lively community paper that reports on topics that are important to our residents and distributed free to approximately 100,000 homes. Highlighting the positive contributions of our neighbours and its community oriented focus made the Weekly News an ideal media partner for Maritime Race Weekend.

Most newspapers cover wider, national topics, but the Weekly News concentrates on local topics that effect local readers. The Weekly News develops a sense of community through their publication – it helps to build and celebrate our community. Maritime Race Weekend and the Weekly News believe that local stories  show the community members that they, as individuals, matter.

If you are registered for Maritime Race Weekend and have an inspired story to share, then please email us.