Making balance a priority

Maritime Race Weekend revolutionized the running experience on the East Coast in 2012. We raised runner expectations around what they deserve at races and surprised them with new ideas; carefully planned and coordinated events; and plenty of excitement, offering  pirates galore.

Our work was even recognized with a prestigious Golden Shoe award from Canadian Runnning Magazine.

But this “overnight” success took hard work and planning. Many people told us we made it look easy, but in reality we worked up to 12 to 18 hours daily, seven days a week over the last two years.

Fortunately, local running enthusiast Tony Mancini also happens to be an expert in project management and efficiency. We’ve partnered with Mancini and our goal in 2013 is to start WORKING SM@RT, to use Mancini’s trademark for his company, Priority Management.

Priority Management is training Maritime Race Weekend to make the best use of our work day, to delegate tasks and, generally, work more efficiently. You can find Priority Management online at:

Offering an exceptional race experience to our runners is still our first priority, but we also want to set an example by having a good balance between our work and home lives. It’s important we balance time for family, friends and exercise along with managing a successful business – that way we can continue to provide you, the runner, with the best races imaginable.