Sometimes, even the best laid plans have to deal with surprise road blocks in their path.

In our quest to provide you with races that are out-of-the park awesome, we at Maritime Race Weekend do our best to tackle the unknowns before they happen through focus groups, research, planning and the help of the surrounding community. As we were finalizing the logistics for the Maritime Race Weekend finish line, however, we had a last minute hiccup in the plans for our beer tent.

Do not, we repeat, do not panic! We promised you beer and we will deliver! Rather than pouring you up an ice cold brew as you finish, however, we will be giving you a certificate that can be exchanged at your local NSLC for a bottle of Molson67.

Disappointed?  We concede that we have modified our original plan, but look on the bright side – when the race is done and you are home resting your tired legs on the couch, you can crack open a reward for a job well done, courtesy of us. Here’s to a fine weekend of running!