Hey, honey! Hear the buzz? Honibe is back at Maritime Race Weekend

The big buzz at Maritime Race Weekend is all about Honibe. The Prince Edward Island company and Maritime Race Weekend sponsor produces 100% natural Honey Drops, Honey Delights and Honey Lozenges

Honey Drop, is a solid honey serving for tea and coffee and is made with 100% all natural, pure dried Honibe honey. The Honey Drop contains no additives and no artificial flavor. Great honey taste without the mess!

Honey Delights are the world’s first candy made from pure dried honey. Honey Delights are only 10 calories per piece and have no artificial flavour added! Great honey taste in a candy!

Honey Lozenges are the world’s first lozenges made from pure dried honey.

Think that’s sweet? Get this: Look for Honey Delights in every swag bag at Maritime Race Weekend.

Don’t miss out on the buzz: get in on the race. Register before Maritime Race Weekend, September 12 and 13th, sells out.