Having twice the fun nets you Maritime Race Weekend’s best swag: a BUFF®


Arrrr, ye rapscallion! What kind of pirate are ye without yer Tartan Twosome limited edition pirate BUFF®! It’s the best swag at Maritime Race Weekend – and anyone who says differently will be keelhauled!

BUFF® is the official active headgear of Maritime Race Weekend, September 12 and 13 in Eastern Passage and Cow Bay, Nova Scotia. BUFF®, maker of the most versatile headgear for runners, returns for its third year as a sponsor.

Runners signed up for the Tartan Twosome – any combination of the Coastal 5 km on the 12th and then the 5 km, 10 km, half-marathon and full marathon on the 13th _ receive a limited edition pirate BUFF® in their race kits.

With 12 different ways a BUFF® can be worn, it can be used every month of the year. Runners keep warm in the winter, stay cool in the summer and no matter what season look stylish wearing a BUFF®.