Generations meet at the top of Caldwell Road

Those of you running the 10K, half-marathon or marathon at Maritime Race Weekend already know, there is a hill at the 3K mark. Like all good runners, you are already thinking about ways to suck it up and get over it (pun only partially intended). What you may not know is what will be waiting for you at the top. At the crest of the hill, in addition to the most spectacular view of Halifax that Eastern Passage has to offer, are encouraging spectators and a water stop!

Just as your legs reach maximum burn and your mind starts to question why the heck you are running when most people are still in bed, you will see the most inspiring cheer squad ever. The gazebo that you run by at the top of the hill, you see, is on the grounds of Ocean View Continuing Care Facility – the 2nd entrant in our charity water stop challenge.

The residents, family members and staff at Ocean View are thrilled to be a part of the Maritime Race Weekend festivities. “Having almost 2,000 runners go through our grounds as our residents and staff cheer them on,” says spokesperson Shauna Williams, “is an exciting opportunity, especially for those who may not be able to travel outside our facility.” Shauna also added that to have an event promoting healthy living extended support for a long-term care facility is truly inspiring.

Ocean View is considered the foundation of Eastern Passage. Maritime Race Weekend is proud to partner with such a respectable facility and a group of residents that are guaranteed to make you smile, take a moment to enjoy the view and take inventory of your good fortune to have youth and good health!

Ocean View relies on partnerships and funding from groups like Maritime Race Weekend to help realize their fundraising goals. If your lungs will allow you, take a moment at the top of the hill to thank them for their support!