Free Walking and Learn-to-Run Clinics

By Michelle Kempton (Cow Bay Resident, Event Organizer & Runner)

Do you want to participate in Maritime Race Weekend, but currently don’t run or walk 5K?

Great news! As an initiative to increase physical activity within our neighborhood and encourage community members to participate in Maritime Race Weekend, I will be offering FREE walking and learn-to-run clinics this summer for residents of Eastern Passage and Cow Bay.

These clinics are for adults only, all fitness levels are welcome. Clinic sizes are limited.

Walking Clinic

Walking is a great cardiovascular work-out. We’ll build-up your activity level from 20 to 40 minutes over 6 weeks. The clinic will incorporate a combination of comfortable paces set by the group, to build your endurance. We will not run in the walking clinic.

Starts: July 22 (Tues @ 5:30pm + Thursday @ 5:30pm)

Learn-to-Run Clinic

A beginner running clinic, for people who currently do not run. We will slowly build interval running up to 5K over the 6-week clinic and help you transform from a walker to a runner.

Starts: July 22 (Tue @ 6:15pm + Thur @ 6:15pm)

The secret to running is easing into it. Many people try to teach themselves how to run, some are successful – but many are not. The biggest and most common mistake a new runner can make is running until the point of exhaustion. For some, that might be around the neighbourhood and others the end of their street. Running too far and too fast can make is not enjoyable, and then you quickly develop a distain for running. It’s unfortunate when this happens, but it can be completely avoided.

What I suggest for new runners is to attempt interval running – which incorporates running with much needed walk-breaks. The learn-to-run clinic will slowly increase your endurance and strength.

The biggest advantages to taking a learn-to-run clinic are: you’ll have an experienced runner leading the group and encouraging you; you’ll be shown proper running form; the regular scheduled clinic runs will help to develop a new routine; your running goals are set to help you avoid running too far; the pace is slow so then you don’t run too fast; and the most important part of the group environment – you are introduced to other beginners which helps you to meet potential running partners.

To sign-up for either clinic or get further details, email:

Cell: 902-877-9355