Course Time Limits

For the safety of you and our team, we have time limits on the routes.

Friday 5K: time limit is 1.5 hours.

Saturday 5K and 10K: time limit is 2 hours.

Why is the time-limit 2 hours? First and foremost, we want you to be safe and not extend physical activity beyond a healthy length of time. Another important factor is team exhaustion. By the time we reach 2 hours on race-day – most volunteers, police, traffic control, pirate crew, timing company and announcer have worked a 6-8 hour day. Most of these roles cannot be relieved during the race. Plus, our permit for road detours is for 2 hours.

Do we have early start-times?
No, our permit does not allow for early start-times. We also believe that it is dangerous to send you out in the dark on unserviced and unmonitored highways.