Eastern Passage, Cow Bay to host Maritime Marathon

Michelle Kempton and Stacy Chesnutt on the wharf at Fisherman’s Cove. The cove will be the starting point of the new Maritime Marathon scheduled to take place Sept. 15.

Written by Joanne Oosvteen
Published in Halifax News Net

The communities of Eastern Passage and Cow Bay have been chosen to host the first ever Maritime Race Weekend.

With four distances to choose from, the 5K, 10K, half marathon and full marathon will all start from Fisherman’s Cove on Sept. 15.

Organizers say they have picked the site for the beautiful coastline views, strong community spirit and hidden treasures.

“We live in one of the most gorgeous provinces in the country, so why are we running in the city streets instead of along our beautiful coastline?” said Cow Bay resident Michelle Kempton, whose company United by Running is hosting the races.

Her business partner and co-race director is Dartmouth resident Stacy Chesnutt.

The weekend will be pirate themed and will feature lots of surprises.

The local “Pirates of Halifax” have been notified and will be coming ashore to cast anchor in Eastern Passage for the race weekend.

One of their jobs will be to set off the cannons to signal the start of the races.

“Runners will also have to keep a firm grip on their race kit, it is filled with treasures but these pirates will pillage any scallywag they find,” said Kempton.

“With added swag in the race kits, contests, designer race shirts, healthy food, bling at the finish line and prize money too the races will develop a feeling of community that already exists within Eastern Passage and Cow Bay.”

Kempton said this race weekend will showcase an often hidden part of HRM.

“I’ve lived in Dartmouth for five years, but had never heard of Fisherman’s Cove,” said Chesnutt. “When Michelle showed me how picturesque it was, I fell in love with it.”

Plans are already in place to include the entire community in the race.

Local runner Cathy Carter has been hired to meet with community groups to help them figure out how they can contribute to the race weekend.

“We want everyone from brownies to seniors to volunteer to come and cheer, do water stops and ring those cow bells,” said Kempton. ” This will be about everyone whether you run or not, having a great time.”

Chesnutt and Kempton have approached the mayor, councillors, MLAs and even the premier.

“They all thought it was a great idea,” said Kempton.

MLA Becky Kent said Kempton has even talked her into putting on her running shoes and getting into shape.

“The plans to engage the community are particularly exciting so everyone is part of the action, not only the runners,” said Kent. “I am sure our community will step up to the plate and be wonderful hosts for the many runners and supporters at the Maritime Marathon.”

Kent said she is happy the Maritime Marathon is working very hard to raise the profile of running for all ages, sizes, shapes and genders.

Transportation is being arranged around Metro to pick up runners and bring them to the startline at Fisherman’s Cove.

Next week Chesnutt and Kempton are attending a race directors event in Houston.

“We will promote the Maritime Marathon while we are there,” she said. “But really we would like people to come home in September for the race weekend too.”

Kempton is also starting learn to run clinics that will get runners ready for the Maritime Marathon weekend. To reach her for more info on registration for the race or for the clinics please go to michelle@unitedbyrunning.com

If anyone is interested in learning how they can register their community group to be a part of volunteering at the event please contact Cathy Carter at info@unitedbyrunning.com