Crowbar goodness flocks to the Maritime Race Weekend

Looking for an organic, healthy source of energy for those long trail runs or hikes? Crowbar Real Foods is your wish come true! Crowbar Real Foods‘ amazing selection of energy bars and delectable treats use as many locally-sourced ingredients as possible and their flagship product, the Crowbar, is labelled as the “mightiest energy bar you will ever encounter.”  Their “Crowbar” and “Ravenous” and energy bars are even vegan!

Maritime Race Weekendis extremely happy that this local company, which recently won “Best Locally Produced Packaged Product” in the Coast Best of Food (2012), is the newest sponsor of the Maritime Race Weekend. Like us, they are all about doing things differently, doing them well, and supporting the surrounding community while having as much fun as possible. As their website says, they believe that “each day is a party, but that partying is serious business.” Back that up with some Boozy Chocolate Kale Cupcakes and Avocado Fudge and I think we have found our soul mates!