Cookie MacKilt goes to training camp

For those unfamiliar with Cookie MacKilt, he’s without a question the most beloved running mascot in the history of all time!

Below is a collection of Cookie MacKilt‘s fondest memories during training camp for Maritime Race Weekend.

Cookie MacKilt decided to show up to training camp as a pirate!  He’s a condendor for best dressed pirate contest on raceday (you know about the 6 x $100 cash prizes being given away for best pirate costume right?)

Cookie MacKilt goes “Survival Style” with his limited edition pirate Buff®

Time to fuel Cookie MacKilt for training-camp

Who needs energy gels when you have cookies!!!

TRAPPED… East Coast style!

Cookie MacKilt pays homage to “The Moose”

Cookie MacKilt takes a little break from his rigerous training to enjoy the spectacular views

Cookie MacKilt is tempted by the tales of Devil’s Island

Time for Cookie MacKilt to take a recovery nap

(limited edition pirate Buff® conveniently transforms into as a sleeping bag for furry monsters)

Time for some R&R by the ocean:

Cookie MacKilt misses home… time to go back to Halifax (via fishingboat of course)