Busting at the seams

Maritime Race Weekend is trying to find swag bags with reinforced seams because the Maritime Race Weekend race-kits are going to be packed with goodies! Registration opens in February, but their race-kits are already busting full with over $50 worth of merchandise!

Maritime Race Weekend is encouraging runners to sign-up on their website now, in order to receive early-bird registration access. It’s the only way you can be guaranteed a spot in the race, because Maritime Race Weekend is anticipated to sell-out early!

Sell out? That’s right! In it’s inaugural year, the most talked about race on the East Coast is going to limit registration to 2,000 runners. Why would they do this? It’s about quality over quantity! From well thought out routes to the best schwag on the East Coast, Maritime Race Weekend promised a running revolution and they obviously plan on delivering it!

How can Maritime Race Weekend offer fabulous schwag to racers? It’s about priorities and amazing sponsors! Maritime Race Weekend is excited to announce they have secured sponsorship with 3 leading national companies for Maritime Race Weekend: Buff Canada, Running Room and Canadian Running.

Buff enthusiasts will be excited to hear that Buff Canada is the presenting sponsor at the Maritime Race Weekend. For anyone unfamiliar with buffs, a buff is unquestionably the most versatile headwear for runners! With 12 different ways to wear a buff, it can be used every month of the year! Runners keep warm in the winter, stay cool in the summer, and always look stylish wearing a buff!

Buff is a perfect fit for Maritime Race Weekend. Buff’s young management team has a clear vision that absolutely aligns with Maritime Race Weekend. The Buff team have designed an exclusive gift for runners at Maritime Race Weekend. Maritime Race Weekend can’t wait to see the smiles and hear the gasps of excitement when runners open their race-kits!

One of the first people to find out about Maritime Race Weekend was Canadian running icon John Stanton (President of Running Room). Race Director, Michelle Kempton could barely contain herself when she told John Stanton, in person, about Maritime Race Weekend.  The Halifax Running Room has been home-base to Kempton since she became a runner. Running Room is a positive influence within the running industry and is re-known for motivating new runners with running clinics and supporting experienced runners with all the latest gear and technology needed for training. Their inclusive approach to running makes Running Room an ideal sponsor for Maritime Race Weekend. Running Room’s extensive experience with organizing races will assist Maritime Race Weekend with an easy online registration process and support to execute a phenomenal race experience!

Canadian Running was responsible for the exclusive announcement of the Maritime Race Weekend. As Canada’s premier source of running related news, information and insights into all topics about running, runners and marathons, our runners will be keen to receive the current issue of Canadian Running magazine in their race-kits. From cover-to-cover, Canadian Running’s magazine keeps runners abreast of the latest trends and helpful topics. Their magazine gave Maritime Race Weekend ideas and inspired them to deliver an exceptional race experience on the East Coast!