As rare as a mermaid (and almost sold-out)

Tartan Twosome is already 80% full

In addition to the East Coast music, scenic routes, fans cheering and runners dressed as pirates… Tartan Twosome participants will receive: 2 designer race shirts, 3 unique medals (one can be converted into a belt-buckle) and a limited edition pirate BUFF®!

Nope, you’re not seeing things.

Introducing the best swag and race-bling on the East Coast!  This is as rare as a mermaid, people – that’s why you need to register now before the race fills-up!

Pick your distances:
5K Sunset + 5K Sunrise
5K Sunset + 10K Sunrise
5K Sunset + Half-maraton Sunrise
5K Sunset + Marathon Sunrise

Click here for more details on the Tartan Twosome and Maritime Race Weekend: