Aaaaar, matey! The Pirates of Halifax are coming into port

Yaaar, ye scurvy lubbers, The Pirates of Halifax are returning to pillage and drink grog at Maritime Race Weekend, Sept 13-14 in Eastern Passage.

Woe betide those who fail to register in time. The race is almost 60 per cent sold out.

Ye’d better keep a firm grip on yer swag bag, matey. Captain Hector Barbossa and his black-hearted bilge rats – Jack Sparrow, Edward Teague and Davy Jones – will be up to their old tricks again: they know there be treasure in those bags – and the miserable scum want it!

But ye, being fleet of foot, should be able to outrace the barbarous plunderers.

The Pirates of Halifax are back again because they know a good thing when they see it. With the largest pile of loot in Eastern Canada, it’s no surprise Maritime Race Weekend attracts pirates.

Sign up now to be part of the Maritime Race Weekend experience. Pirate dress encouraged.