The ship is ready to sail, but still needs crew.

The ship is ready to sail, but still needs crew.  Volunteer at Maritime Race Weekend

Listen up, ye scurvy dogs! Maritime Race Weekend is nigh, but yer pirate brethren is floundering in high seas. They desperately need yer help.   Without ye, they will suffer from an unquenchable thirst; they will lose their bearings in the high seas of the Eastern Passage; and they will be bereft of yer good cheer.

Maritime Race Weekend needs volunteers.

For a few short hours of yer time, the Treasures of the Ages will be yers: a pirate crew tech T-shirt, the current issue of Pirate Canadian Running, a snack bag to help ye keep yer strength up; and the chance to win the ultimate pirate booty: one of 10 pairs of Brooks shoes.

Ye have sea-legs from helping before, so come lend yer brother and sister pirates a hand, on September 11, 12, 13 or 14th.   If yer able to commit, then sign your name in Internet blood here: Volunteer at Maritime Race Weekend

Pirate crew receive…
chance to win ultimate pirate booty…